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roasted aubergine & nduja pizza

i’ve not made pizza for a while – i tend to go for a thin crust but recently it’s been too thin and i’ve ended up disappointed. i know i should make the bases smaller so the crust is less thin but that isn’t an instinctive choice so, given i had some fat slices of roasted aubergine in the fridge, i decided i had to make a thicker base and see what happened. i used this recipe and instead of using 250g flour for two bases i used it for one.

the dough was quite wet so it probably ended up a 275g flour base and, i have to confess, it was too thick. being able to have more toppings on was really good though – the aubergine was complemented by nubs of nduja, lots of mozzarella and rocket once it came out of the oven - and i’m going to continue experimenting with thicker pizza bases. any dough recommendations would be much appreciated.

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