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notre visite a paris!


november has been a busy month – last weekend i was in glasgow and the week before that david and i went to paris for a few days. the trip had been in the pipeline for a while as i was keen to spend more time there than i’ve previously managed and wanted to get to know some of the different arrondissements in a bit more detail, rather than just flit between them in search of tourist or food delights.

we decided to stay in montmartre in a fabulously romantic apartment. to make the most of our time we took advantage of the services offered by the lovely rosa jackson. she developed an itinerary for us, which took away my need to plan which shops and markets to visit and where to stop for food and drinks. it was actually wonderfully liberating to put myself in the hands of someone else in this way and i’d thoroughly recommend you try it if your time is precious and your standards high. inevitably i did do a little research as well…

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taste & create: walnut-crusted cod with parsnip puree


the best thing about reading food blogs is all the inspiration you get from seeing how other people cook. inevitably though i never have enough time to try out all the things that tickle my taste buds. however, help now exists in the form of taste & create, an event hosted by nicole from for the love of food, where she pairs bloggers up and then each person cooks something from the other’s blog.

i was paired with valli from more than burnt toast. choosing what to cook was not an easy task – valli’s many greek recipes were particularly tempting. however, having realised that david and i haven’t been eating enough fish recently, i chose her walnut-crusted cod with parsnip puree.

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get glowing!


changes in the weather mean that a lot of us are seeing changes in our skin – often it gets slightly drier, maybe flaky and a little dull looking as autumn gives way to winter. if, like me, you could do with a bit of help, small changes in the way you eat can have a huge impact – beauty really does come from within!

food which are rich in the antioxidant vitamins and minerals (vitamins, a, c and e plus selenium) will help address any festive over-indulgences, as well as help your body respond to the changes in season. boost your intake of omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids and ensure that your digestive system is working well to help add a glow to your skin.

read more over at the daily tiffin, a blog that helps people have a healthy family lifestyle. i'll write about healthy eating, over at the daily tiffin, every fortnight.


autumnal austerity


several months ago i went through all my kitchen cupboards, clearing away out of date products and making a note of the many things that were duplicated or needed stocking up on.

one of the items which i had a plentiful supply of was farro and the barley that i bought when i couldn’t find farro itself. this wholegrain is perfect autumnal food and i’ve been enjoying experimenting with this. adding a handful to soups and stews in an easy way to use it and last year i tried using it instead of arborio rice in a sausage risotto.

it was to risotto that i returned most recently intrigued by a recipe from ross dobson which called for the barley to be cooked in a stock flavoured with soy sauce.

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gorgeous food in glasgow

i’ve just spent a whirlwind girls’ weekend in glasgow and have eaten the most wonderful food as a result.

for supper on saturday night we went to arisaig, which is a glamorous but entirely unstuffy restaurant that serves scottish food. apparently it’s inspired by childhood holidays to the west coast village of the same name.

to start, linda and i had loch leven surf clams tossed in extra virgin olive oil with fresh dulse seaweed. i have never before eaten such fat, flavoursome and obviously fresh clams and the salty seaweed was a great contrast with the grassy olive oil.

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