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avocado spaghetti

this was a wonderfully quick and easy lunch, which i tried after hearing friends rave about the flavour combination.

there are various recipes online but you don’t really need one – i used one small avocado, mashed with some lemon juice (just less than ½ a lemon’s worth), olive oil (about a teaspoon), a dash of chilli sauce (i used tabasco), grated garlic (1 small clove, raw) plus salt and pepper. this was mixed with cooked spaghetti and garnished with some toasted pine nuts, lemon zest and more black pepper. i also added a sprinkling of some finely grated hard cheese.

the flavour of the avocado is enhanced by the warmth of the pasta and obviously creates a wonderfully creamy sauce. the only trick is making sure your avocado is ripe enough.


poached egg with chorizo and avocado

devil’s nest is a brunch combination of scrambled eggs on toast with an avocado and tomato salsa, sour cream and sweet chilli sauce – a combination which works incredibly well and which prompted me to try a variation from nigel slater.

in his version, avocado is mashed and mixed with lime (i added ground cumin and fresh coriander plus seasoning), then spread on toast and topped with a poached egg and some fried chorizo. it’s a lovely combination and one well worth trying.


salmon salad with green goddess dressing


the weather in london has turned chilly and it seems ages since we were basking in the warm summer sunshine. however, i am hopeful that sunny days will return and will enjoy recreating this bill granger recipe for salmon salad with green goddess dressing.

the original green goddess salad was, apparently, created at the palace hotel in san franciso for the british actor george arliss who was appearing in a local production of william archer's the green goddess. the classic recipe for this californian dressing are anchovies, mayonnaise, garlic, tarragon, parsley and chives.

bill granger’s recipe is lighter, focussing on herbs and watercress with a mix of mayonnaise and yoghurt. i went with an even lighter version, omitting the mayo as well. however, this is obviously a forgiving recipe and quite happy to be adapted according to whatever you have in. it’s also a great accompaniment for the rest of the salad, which has a lovely balance of flavours – the richness of the avocado and the salmon is balanced by the grapefruit and tangy dressing.

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peach, prosciutto and avocado salad

the vegetable lasagne i cooked for friends last weekend was preceded by this very light and summery salad. it was inspired by lots of different dishes and, like the lasagne, can be adapted to use whatever ingredients you particularly like or happen to have in.

i mixed cubes of mango and peach with the flesh of a passion fruit, a squeeze of lime and chopped mint which was then set aside while i made a dressing from olive oil, fresh orange juice and wholegrain mustard.

to assemble the dish, i added slices of prosciutto and rocket to my fruit mix along with most of the dressing and then stacked this on the plate along with some diced avocado. a few pieces of parma ham and a slice of blue cheese were the final touches before drizzling with a little extra dressing.


crab with avocado, sesame wafers and grapefruit dressing 


our starter last weekend was this crab and avocado stack with sesame wafers and a grapefruit dressing. it’s based on a recipe from shane osborn’s starters, a lovely little book which provides recipes for all sorts of starters, most of which can be adapted and turned into main courses.

when i was looking for a starter i looked at a few recipes and kept being drawn to crab and avocado combinations – there was a suzanne goin one which includes beetroot and a gordon ramsay one which has pink grapefruit in it. it was the grapefruit that really caught my eye and so i added it to the crab mix and used it as the basis for the dressing (rather than tomato given they are all still so bland at this time of year).

the resulting dish had  a wonderful freshness and was a lovely light starter. 

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