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damson ice cream


this damson ice cream, courtesy of nigel slater, is just amazing. i made it without an ice cream machine and with its mix of yoghurt and double cream, plus the usual stirring every 45-60 minutes once it’s in the freezer, until almost frozen, have helped create a lovely texture. the flavour is slightly sharp – partly due to the damsons and partly due to the yoghurt, which is just so delicious.

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quick strawberry and balsamic ice cream

english strawberries are in season and tasting as wonderful as only strawberries can. strawberries have long been a favourite of mine - i remember my mum telling me that our cook in malawi used to assume i was in the strawberry patch if i’d gone missing.

this ice cream also harks back to my malawi days, taking inspiration from the ice cream that mum used to make, and which is still my absolute favourite – a mix of whipped cream, whipped evaporated milk and condensed milk.

i fancied making a strawberry version and wanted it to taste as much of strawberries as possible so i decided to make a strawberry puree, with sugar and balsamic vinegar (thanks to anna del conte for the inspiration) to bring out the strawberryness, and use this in place of the condensed milk in my usual recipe.

the result is pretty good, made without an ice cream machine or any mid-freezing stirring. it is a bit crumbly compared to the original though so is perhaps better in a cup than a cone, bt it has a wonderfully intense and fresh strawberry flavour. thanks to my friend fran for the photo.

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easy rose ice cream

by rights this ice cream should be pictured nestled amongst pretty pastel-coloured rose petals to signify its delicate perfumed flavour. instead you'll have to make do with this more simple picture of it, in a cone, ready to be eaten as i sat in the summer sun in our garden.

the recipe is an adapted version on my easy vanilla ice cream, with 2 teaspoons of rosewater replacing the vanilla. very easy, very delicious.


feast for a fiver 

my recipes for lemon & mackerel pilaf and berry ripple ice cream have been featured in today's guardian newspaper, in an article which called for people to share their menus for two courses which feed two people for under a fiver. see what other menus were suggested here, including one from dinner diary.

the article was in response to a series of menus suggested by well-known chefs which were derided on the guardian blog for being unimaginative. i think we, the readers, did better than the chefs. what do you think?