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roasted broccoli carbonara 


i had a broccoli glut last week – three heads of normal broccoli plus a pack of tenderstem. i’m not sure what happened but there was a moment of broccoli-shaped panic when i decided i needed something other than my usuals of “best broccoli” and broccoli and anchovy orecchiette.

thankfully i found this lovely recipe for roasted broccoli carbonara. it’s very simple and very delicious – i really liked the roasted broccoli paired with the salty pancetta and the rich creamy egg-sauce. well worth trying if you’re a broccoli fan.

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pancetta-wrapped asparagus with orange dressing

i know it’s a bit late in the year for english asparagus but i wanted to share this recipe with you anyway, which i really enjoyed a couple of weeks ago.

the asparagus blanched for a few minutes and once it has cooled, then wrapped in pancetta. i then fried the asparagus in a little olive oil until the pancetta was crispy and the asparagus had finished cooking through.

the dressing, which was poured over the hot and crispy asparagus was a mix of olive oil, orange juicem orange zest and a little dijon mustard.

very simple, very summery and a little bit different.


moro top ten: trinxat


“we first ate this dish at a simple restaurant on the outskirts of barcelona – it is like a particularly delicious bubble and squeak”

this recipe from moro east combines potatoes, turnips and greens with a couple of types of pork to create bubble and squeak, spanish style. i was quite excited by this as it was a good excuse to buy turnips, a vegetable i only use rarely (has anyone any recipe recommendations to show them off?).

so, how did i get on?

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autumn pasta with borlotti beans, cavolo nero, girolles and crispy pancetta 

i’ve been a bit lackadaisical recently, when it came to food shopping and tracking down exciting seasonal foodie bits. this is very unlike me but has been due to trying to use stuff up (it took me months to work my way through the freezer but it is now done, has been defrosted and is again stuffed to the gills) and general busyness. however, this weekend i have got my act together and have lots of lovely exciting things in – fresh pasta and gnocchi, burrata, fresh borlotti beans, cavolo nero, various types of wild mushroom plus figs, amalfi lemons, wet walnuts and cobnuts.

last night’s supper was inspired by a description in a the donna hay magazine – for a quick winter pasta, toss sautéed garlic, wilted kale, borlotti beans, crispy proscuitto and pecorino through cooked fettucine. drizzle with olive oil and lemon juice to serve.

sounds delicious, non? i added some fresh girolles plus thyme to the mix, omitting the lemon juice and embracing the mild earthiness of the dish. fresh pasta too. it was delicious – a thoughtful combination of ingredients and a nice way to return to mindful cooking.

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fresh tomato and peppered pancetta pasta

this was such a simple supper to pull together and, as long as you have decent tomatoes, it’s well worth a try on a lazy sunny evening – slices of peppered pancetta fried in a little olive oil while the pasta cooks and until it starts to crisp up, add halved cherry tomatoes and a glug of white wine, let it bubble to boil off the alcohol, stir in a handful of basil and add to the cooked pasta. super simple, super delish.