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hawaiian prawn burger with pickled courgette

another bill granger recipe, this time with seafood as the focus – prawns.

i’ve never made a prawn burger before and was a little sceptical but decided that the combination of other flavours seemed interesting and liked the way bill described it:  “the clean, fresh flavours of this burger really sum up the food of hawaii: tasty, healthy, wholesome and a little bit exotic.”.

it also seemed like a good way to use up some pickled red onions that were lurking in the fridge and thankfully, the end result is very delicious, albeit not particularly filling ( i was glad we’d kicked off our meal with a tomato & mozzarella salad).

you’ll see below that i adapted the original recipe to suit what i had in – using pickled onions in place of radishes and yoghurt in place of mayonnaise for the spicy dressing – but one thing i think you do need to stick with is the suggested soft bun – this really works well with the textures of the other components of the dish.

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pickled pumpkin – version 1


as you know, i enjoy reading rowley leigh’s recipes for the ft – they are an interesting mix of quite classic dishes, that i’ve often never heard of, and more contemporary, often asian, ones. it’s usually the classic italian recipes and the asian ones that i cook, i’m never that keen on traditional french dishes although his recent eggs poached in red wine did make me think twice, just because of the crazy look of the dish!

this recipe really appealed as it uses pickled pumpkin, something that i’ve never tried to make or eat. and given the flavours of the thai dressing, i thought it would be good as the weather turns more spring like.

the final thing that made me cook it was when, flicking through some old magazines, i found a skye gyngell recipe that also uses pickled pumpkin in a completely different way! so i decided to make both.

rowley’s pickling mix has a lot of spice in it – cloves, ginger, pepper and bay – plus lemon garlic and chilli. the preserved pickle can be kept in the fridge, in its pickling mix, for a couple of weeks.

i enjoyed the dish – the dressing’s thai flavours reflect the slight spiciness of the pumpkin. however, i do think it’s best as a starter – i had it as a main and while eating the pumpkin was fun to begin with, it became a bit monotonous as i neared the end.

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summer prawn and courgette stew

this weekend was glorious – sunshine throughout and wonderfully warm temperatures. i didn’t really feel like cooking but equally i wanted to eat summery food that fitted the weather and my lazy, happy mood.

this stew was pulled together to use up the last few courgettes from our garden and various bits from the fridge. no real recipe but i’ll share what i did – uncooked prawns were marinated for about an hour with garlic, red chilli, torn basil leaves and olive oil. i then scooped most of garlic, chilli and oil out into a pan and used this as the base for slowly cooking a bulb of sliced fennel, until it was soft and beginning to sweeten (i added a glug of white wine to help it along, part way through).

i then added the courgettes and a handful of cherry tomatoes, also from the garden. once the tomatoes started to break down in went the prawns, the zest and juice of a lemon plus plenty more basil, until the prawns cooked through. i served it with a drizzle of olive oil and we ate it with warm ciabatta, sliced and smeared with butter, to mop up the juices.


moro top ten: scrambled eggs with prawns and asparagus


“the best revueltos” simply seduce the classic spanish flavours with which they are combined”

from casa moro, this is scrambled eggs, spanish style. the book talks about a number of different versions – prawns with peas or broad beans and mint; prawns with mushrooms; mushroom with jamon serrano; artichoke hearts with jamon serrano; salt cod and potatoes; and garlic shoots/leaves with prawns or jamon serrano. the recipe in the top ten is prawns and asparagus, with a hint of garlic and flat leaf parsley. 

so, how did i get on?

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thai prawn noodle salad

the warm weather is making me want warm weather food which means light fresh flavours. asian flavours are high on my list and this salad was a winner, largely due to the thai dressing that i made. it was based on a rowley leigh recipe – he serves it with lobster (which i'd love to do) but i went down-market with my rice noodles, grated carrots and prawns!

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