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red pepper and chorizo paella

moro's chorizo and spinach paella is an old favourite and perfect if you need a "meat hit" after an inadvertent week of vegetarian meals. i normally follow the recipe to the letter (well, not quite, it calls for the addition of pork fillet which i don't bother with, preferring to increase the chorizo content) but this weekend i made a change.

i used a red pepper in place of the specified green pepper. a small change but one that really affected the dish, and for the better i think. it was much sweeter and richer in flavour which balanced really well with the spiciness that came from the picante chorizo and picante smoked paprika that i used (the recipe calls for mild chorizo and sweet paprika but i like the chilli kick that picante versions add).

a small change can be a really lovely way to rediscover something old and familiar.


green pancakes with lime butter


there is a new ottolenghi cookery book out and inevitably i’m thinking about tracking it down given how much i like their first one. this is not good as i still have a few recently purchased cookery books which i’ve not cooked from and i’d on a book-buying-ban until i remedy this. 

thankfully, the recipes, which are all vegetarian, include a lot from the column which yotam ottolenghi writes for the guardian, which means that a taster of things to come was published a couple of weeks ago so i’m able to put off a purchase.

several of the recipes caught my eye, including the puy lentil galettes, black pepper tofu and mee goreng. however, i decided to start with the green pancakes with lime butter.

david and i had these for brunch, polishing off a full batch which should have served three to four. it was in a good cause – the pancakes are delicious, i adored the lime butter and they kept me going all day. give them a try this weekend…

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suprisingly subtle

the fishcakes which i made with the highland red potatoes are definitely pink but not off-puttingly so. in fact, with the green of the spinach i think they look quite pretty. the taste is exactly the same as if i'd used a non-coloured potato.


roasted sweet potato salad with blue cheese


over the past week or so the weather in london has started to turn. i’m not ready to use the “a” word but there is a definite nip in the air and warm snugly clothes are looking more appealing than my summer sandals.

this means i’m starting to change what i want to eat, although i’m not ready to succumb to stews and bakes. this roasted sweet potato salad is a good half-way house, with the slightly caramelised pepper and potato hinting at the warming foods which will be appearing in the coming months, while the salad keeps things light.

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feast for a fiver 

my recipes for lemon & mackerel pilaf and berry ripple ice cream have been featured in today's guardian newspaper, in an article which called for people to share their menus for two courses which feed two people for under a fiver. see what other menus were suggested here, including one from dinner diary.

the article was in response to a series of menus suggested by well-known chefs which were derided on the guardian blog for being unimaginative. i think we, the readers, did better than the chefs. what do you think?