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forman & field: smokehouse crate hamper

forman & field contacted me recently and asked if i’d like to try one of their food hampers. over the years i’ve heard a lot about their “london cure” smoked salmon, which often gets rave reviews in taste tests, and thought this would be a good opportunity to see what all the fuss is about.

i chose the smokehouse crate which contained a mix of fishy delights; the aforementioned smoked salmon, a pack of smoked tuna, two pates – wild smoked salmon and potted lobster - plus some keta salmon caviar and dill sauce.

my favourite thing in the hamper was the wild smoked salmon pate which was just heavenly. it is made with mascarpone which gives it a wonderful richness but this is balanced by a hint of lemon and some shallots, plus of course the smokey salmon. if i could eat this regularly for breakfast, atop hot buttered toast with a mug of tea, i’d be a very happy girl.

i was less keen on the potted lobster which tasted much richer, with all the clarified butter that it contains. it’s also much less easy to handle as even at room temperature it doesn’t spread particularly easily. maybe this is one for a summer picnic when the weather is warmer, as the sweet lobster meat is very delicious.

on to the london cure salmon – this was lovely. the salmon is cut quite thickly which means you can enjoy it’s melting texture and delicate flavour. this delicacy was reinforced by the fact that there was none of the oiliness that can be quite off-putting in some smoked salmons. i served it, along with the smoked tuna, on blinis, with crème fraiche and the smallest squeeze of lemon. the smoked tuna was also a success but very different – the flavour was, for me, more similar to a cured meat, perhaps a braesola, rather than fish (although when i used some on a pizza it was very reminiscent of anchovies, so the fishiness was definitely there!). it is also much saltier that the salmon and so you do need to eat it with something to balance that out.

i wasn’t keen on the keta caviar and found the dill sauce too sweet but overall, i think a hit rate of 4 out of 6 is pretty good. the hamper isn’t cheap so this is a luxury treat. and if you’re feeling the pinch, get yourself a jar of their wild smoked salmon pate, put the kettle on, pop the toaster and settle back…


moro top ten: tuna with red onion, tomato and sweet vinegar

“on the “hots” section of the restaurant menu this is probably the chefs’ most popular dish to cook.”

i have all the moro cook books and moro east, the newest one, is, i am very ashamed to say, still uncooked from. well, it was until i made this, the first of my moro top dishes. 

it’s a warm salad of fresh tuna with lightly cooked tomatoes, white beans and red onions, all lifted by the tanginess of red wine vinegar, fresh oregano and crispy garlic shards.

so, how did i get on?

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double tomato tuna carpaccio

the accompaniment to my asparagus, green bean and raw mushroom salad was equally delicious and equally summery – double tomato tuna carpaccio.


it was actually the starting point for the meal and was developed from a recipe that i found in a copy of the new zealand magazine cuisine, which a friend from work leant to me. the magazine was full of ideas for delicious summery food and i intend to try out a few of their recipes in the coming weeks.


the tuna was sushi grade and i marinaded it in lime juice for 20 minutes (turning over half way through, sprinkling each side with a bit of sea salt as i went) before slicing it thinly across the grain. this was laid out on a large flat plate and i then mixed the leftover lime juice with chopped tomatoes, thinly sliced sundried tomatoes, a thinly sliced shallot and cubed avocado. this was arranged on top of the tuna, drizzled with olive oil and finished with a sprinkling of chopped coriander.


the flavours worked really well and i particularly liked the contrast between the slightly sweet and chewy sundried tomatoes with the rest of the ingredients. if you try this and are wondering what wine to choose go for something floral – we had a gewürztraminer (torres vina esmeralda) blend which worked wonderfully with the food.


chermoula-marinated tuna


one of my new year’s resolutions was to make better use of my cookery books. over the holidays i spent an afternoon going through a few books and magazines making a list of things i want to try and cook this month.

one of the books i picked up was diana henry’s crazy water, pickled lemons. i have used this book quite a lot as she creates dishes with strong and vibrant flavours, using lots of fresh herbs and spices. each time the recipe has turned out well. today’s chermoula-marinated tuna was no exception with a strong spicy flavour that contrasted well with the herby, pomegranate-tangy jewelled couscous which we ate it with.

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thai tuna burgers


at the moment, fish is consistently the food i want to eat. somehow my body seems to be telling me it’s what the doctor ordered and given how healthy it is, i’m not arguing. so forgive me if i post another fish recipe. and just to let you know, i have a feeling there’ll be a few more to follow in the coming weeks…

these burgers were inspired by an old recipe clipping for tuna burgers which i felt needed spicing up. i’m also trying to use up things that have been in my cupboards too long and top of the list yesterday were the dregs of a bottle of vegetarian oyster sauce. asian flavours were required so i decided to head to thailand to flavour the burgers.

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