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elderflower collins

we’ve been having amazing weather in frankfurt – it’s been hot and sunny for months. mostly i’m to be found glugging endless glasses of water and trying to keep cool, but if you fancy an alcoholic option instead, this is delicious. the downside is that it doesn’t taste particularly alcoholic, so is very easy to drink. i think it would be a great choice for a summer party and could easily be scaled up and served in jugs.

for each drink, squeeze two lemon wedges into a tall glass, then discard the spent wedges. add a handful of ice cubes and pour in 50ml gin and 15ml elderflower cordial (or liqueur). top with limonata (we’ve been using san pellegrino). garnish with 1 lemon slice and 1 mint sprig and serve.


last word

the weather in frankfurt has been glorious over the past month – temperatures of 35c and higher plus plenty of sunshine. as a result we’ve been eating lots of salads and drinking lots of water.

however, one evening this week this is what we sipped – a nicely balanced herbal tangy last word. 1 shot gin, 2/3 of a shot green chartreuse, 2/3 of a shot maraschino liqueur and 2/3 of a shot of lime juice shaken with ice and then strained into a chilled glass. garnish with a lime twist and a maraschino cherry. discard the lime twist before serving.

i love the colours - it reminds me of a watermelon.


rose negroni

the negroni is one of my favourite drinks and one that i enjoy trying different versions of. this is perhaps the simplest variation, simply adding a little rose water. i think the resulting drink, which has just a hint of rose and doesn’t lose any of its usual bitter freshness, is perfect as spring arrives. the rose is a nice alternative to the flavour provided by the usual orange garnish.

to make, shake equal amounts of gin, campari and red vermouth plus ¼ of a teaspoon of rosewater (make sure it is unsweetened) with ice, strain and serve over (more/giant) ice or in a martini glass.


negroni tredici

the negroni is one of my favourite drinks, not least because i love campari and all its bitterness. i think this links back to my childhood – i remember my mum drinking campari and soda and me being allowed, when we were on holiday at the lake, having a small splash in my lemonade (which obviously smoothed out all its rough edges) and feeling very sophisticated.

this is a different take on a negroni – quantities of all the ingredients are altered and the campari is reduced significantly while cynar, an artichoke-based bitters, is added.

cynar has a much richer flavour and the drinks reflects this – being smooth, richer and less refreshing than a negroni. i think this version is probably also good as a digestif, perhaps an alternative to my favourite old fashioned. interestingly, both the campari and cynar flavours come through despite the relatively small quantities used.

for each drink, stir with ice, 2 shots gin, 1 shot red vermouth, ¼ shot cynar, ¼ shot campari and a lemon zest twist. strain, discarding the lemon twist and serve over ice with an orange wedge for garnish. 



not a drink that is asking you to "hold the mayonnaise", rather a delicious combination of aperol, st germain (elderflower liqueur) and fizz which, according to the pufferies of the st germain recipe writer, is “much like affaires de l’amour this cocktail will help you tolerate all that is bitter and sweet.”

combine, in a shaker, 1 ½ shot gin or vodka, ¾ shot of st germain (or you could use elderflower cordial), ½ shot aperol and ½ shot of lemon juice. shake with ice and strain into a chilled coupe. finish with a float of fizz (we used cava, the recipe calls for champagne) and garnish with an orange peel.