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not a drink that is asking you to "hold the mayonnaise", rather a delicious combination of aperol, st germain (elderflower liqueur) and fizz which, according to the pufferies of the st germain recipe writer, is “much like affaires de l’amour this cocktail will help you tolerate all that is bitter and sweet.”

combine, in a shaker, 1 ½ shot gin or vodka, ¾ shot of st germain (or you could use elderflower cordial), ½ shot aperol and ½ shot of lemon juice. shake with ice and strain into a chilled coupe. finish with a float of fizz (we used cava, the recipe calls for champagne) and garnish with an orange peel.


sicilian negroni

this twist on a negroni is a lovely refreshing drink, and easy to make too – equal portions of gin, campari and fresh orange juice (in place of the red vermouth that is in a classic negroni) are stirred together and served over ice with a twist of orange. orange and campari are a good pairing and this still has a good amount of bitterness to it, although the flavour is less complex than a negroni. a nice lower-alcohol option for a hot day.


summer lav’in’


this drink was inspired by the roasted apricots with lavender that i made last weekend. in each glass, place ¼ shot of (homemade) lavender gin and ½ a shot of apricot brandy. top with fizz, stir and garnish with a twist of orange zest.


lavender martini

so, we finally tried the lavender gin that i made - it’s impressive stuff. one week for the dried lavender flowers to infuse is ample as the resulting gin has a very strong lavender flavour, which means that it needs to be “diluted” with normal gin in this drink. 

to make a lavender martini, shake with ice, 1 shot lavender gin, 1 shot gin, ½ shot of dry vermouth, ½ shot of sugar syrup and 2 dashes of orange bitters. strain into a chilled martini glass and serve garnished with a twist of orange.


a spanish take on gin and tonic

we were in spain again last month – madrid and valencia. the two cities are very different but there was one thing we encountered in both places – a love of gin.

i didn’t realise how passionate the spanish (in these two cities at least!) are about gin and tonic. most bars we went to had separate gin lists – 20+ different types seemed to be par for the course although in some places we saw as many as 40, listed with information about the country of origin, alcohol content etc. there was often a similarly large variety of tonic water available – some “plain” and others flavoured, such as with elderflower (the bar pictured above, la pureta in valencia, had 29 types on display).

often the menus suggested specific pairings of type of gin and types of tonic, with different garnishes – gin club in madrid suggested a grapefruit wedge with beefeater 24; cardamom, lemon and orange peel with seagram’s extra dry; cucumber and rose petals with hendrick’s.

the drinks were often served with a huge amount of ceremony and we saw people swill the gin around their glass (large balloon/wine glasses, filled with ice), smell the aromas, add their tonic and repeat before having a taste.

it was great fun rediscovering a drink that previously felt familiar and predictable. i was similarly entranced by the bar snacks, which were as likely to be fruity gummy sweets as salted almonds!