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i’d not heard about hugos until summer arrived in frankfurt. apparently this is a drink with an italian heritage but everywhere i go, i see it on the cocktail list, so it has obviously been enthusiastically adopted here in germany. it’s lovely and refreshing – a combination of sparkling wine and water plus elderflower and a hint of lime and mint.

to make your hugo, over ice, in a wine glass, pour 50ml sparkling water, 85 ml sparkling wine (we used a dry cava), 15ml elderflower syrup/cordial (we used bottle green) plus a slice of lime and a sprig of mint. stir and serve.


coconut cavolo dal with lime

i bought my first cavolo nero of the season last week and was keen to try something new with it. old favourites include ribollita, various pasta dishes, pesto plus a lovely barley and pumpkin dish, all of which i am sure will be cooked in the coming weeks, as i tend to get obsessed with this leafy delight.

instead, i took inspiration from a red lentil, kale and coconut dish and cooked a pan of gently spiced coconut and cavolo nero dal. the quantities below are all approximate – you can increase any component if you want to emphasise particular flavours.

having said that, i don’t think the dish needs much, if any, tweaking - i had thought about adding spices at an early stage or finishing it with some fresh coriander leaves but don’t think either are needed. the final touch of lime zest and juice is well worth it though, as this gives a fresh zingy flavour which contrasts nicely with both the creamy coconut and lentil flavours as well as the green grassiness of the kale.

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coconut-lime pork tacos with black beans


we often have chilli with corn  tortillas or as quesadillas and it’s certainly the kind of food that appeals in the hot weather – a little something with rich spicy flavours and lots of fresh uncooked ingredients to balance it all out. i say this but actually this is comfort food for me in the depths of winter too – there must be some kind of magic afoot!

this was very different approach to the requisite “something with rich spicy flavours” – it’s a food 52 recipe which combines, in a beguiling way, pork, coconut, and spice. i used pieces of pork tenderloin instead of mince which was, i think, a nice way to make it a little more special.

the coconut adds a lovely richness without being obviously coconut – i was a bit worried about having a thai chilli-style filling for my tortilla! the pineapple juice apparently acts as a marinade, tenderising the meat. i’m not sure how much of an impact it had and am unsure if i’d use it again as i rarely have need for tinned pineapple – a slug of milk or just using the optional (not so optional, in my opinion) lime juice would probably do something similar, i think. the end result is very delicious and this is something we’ll be making again, not least given it freezes well.

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apricot stone sour

this is a great drink for the cold, gloomy and seemingly never ending winter that we’re having – it has a fresh summeriness that hints of the long warm days that are yet to come.

mix 2 shots apricot brandy, ½ shot freshly squeezed orange juice, 1 shot freshly squeezed lime juice and ¼ shot sugar syrup. shake with ice, strain and garnish with a slice of apricot (if they are in season!).


citrus salts


my second bergamot adventure was to use it for citrus salts. i read about these on these on 101 cookbooks and they are very exciting!

the idea is to mix flakey sea salt with citrus zest, dry it out in the oven so that the zest is completely dry and will crumble when rubbed between your fingers, and then use these to add an extra layer of flavour to your dishes, adding the salt at the table.

i used bergamot, blood orange and lime zests and, as a result, now have little jars of citrus salt that i can play with in various dishes. the first was used last night – blood orange salt to season a confit duck, fennel and blood orange salad. just wonderful.

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