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crispy garlic chicken


this isn’t a particularly elegant looking dish but it was very delicious. the heart of it is nigel’s slater’s recipe for garlic-crumbed chicken which is inspired by a chicken kiev but adds cheese and bacon, whilst removing the risk factor that comes with needing to create a sealed pocket for all the garlic butter goodness. it’s also a great way of really packing flavour around chicken breasts, which can sometimes be a bit dull.

skinless chicken breasts are slashed and then stuffed with cheese that has been rolled in chopped parsley (the recipe calls for taleggio but i used mozzarella as that was what needed using up) then topped with a mix of breadcrumbs, garlic and pancetta that have been fried in butter, before baking through.

the end result is both fresh (from the parsley, which really does retain its flavour) and savoury (the garlic and bacon flavours really stand out) whilst also being fairly forgiving – assembling the dish is quick and easy and the topping of breadcrumbs hides any messiness in your preparation. i also think it would be a good standby option if you make a bigger batch of the fried breadcrumbs which could then be used from frozen. the other thing i’d think about for next time is adding some chopped rosemary to the breadcrumb mix.

we ate this with some tagliatelle which was tossed with mushrooms that had been sautéed in a little butter and then finished with some double cream and extra parsley. the contrast of the crispy breadcrumbs with the creamy pasta was particularly nice.

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pizzocheri is a buckwheat pasta which has a rich nutty flavour that contrasts really well with mild creamy flavours. last time i made this i took a fairly traditional approach, pairing it with potatoes, spinach (cabbage seems to be used more commonly) and lots of cheese (taleggio and gruyere). this time i went a bit off piste, although it was the need to use up an oozingly ripe goats cheese camembert that was my starting point.

lots of butter is apparently also important with pizzocheri so i started this off by cooking some courgette in the aforementioned lots of this i added some leftover roast potatoes and roast chicken, both diced. a handful of basil, seasoning and some grated hard cheese (these were leftover from a cheeseboard, along with the camembert).

i placed half the mix in my serving dish, topped it with slices of the camembert and then added the rest of the mix before finishing it off with some grated cheddar. 15-20 minutes in the oven at 190c and that’s it – ready and delicious with a green salad.


ofm top twenty: chicken with morels and sherry sauce


this raymond blanc recipe for chicken with morels has been published a few times and each time i’ve seen i’ve though i’d like to give it a try but have never got round to it, so it was nice to have the excuse of it being part of the ofm top twenty.

it’s often credited as a “maman blanc” recipe which perhaps explains its traditional french roots, which translate to a very rich, gently flavoured dish. so, how did i get on?

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ofm top twenty: chicken with potatoes


this ofm top twenty chicken with potatoes recipe from jill dupliex, which calls for poussin, rather than a bigger bird, was a convenient one-dish supper for one. however, given that, in the spirit of this recipe challenge, i had to actually follow the recipe as written it was less satisfying to make than my usual home-alone ventures - i was particularly itching to add some lemon to the mix of chicken, tomatoes, red onions and potatoes. i also would have swapped the potatoes (which i’m not particularly keen on) for something more appealing, such as fennel or squash. however, i restrained myself and did as i was told.

so how did i get on?

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chicken, fennel and orange salad

a lighter take on things, compared to the weekend’s cheesy pasta bake, was this chicken and fennel salad from jerusalem, the new cook book from yotam ottolenghi and sami tamimi, which i have already sung the praises of and which i am continuing to cook my way through.

this saffron, chicken and herb salad has a lot of light fresh flavours but the star component is, i think, the orange and saffron dressing, which is made from a boiled orange, honey, saffron and white wine vinegar which is blitzed together and used to make a paste which is then loosened with a bit of water and used to dress the salad. a simple salad of cooked chicken, thinly sliced raw fennel plus flavourings of mint, coriander, basil, chilli, garlic olive oil and lemon juice.

one orange gives you more than enough dressing for a salad for six so make sure you have a plan for using the leftovers. they suggest using it with oily fish. i think it would be great in a salad with duck or to add zing to a carrot soup. i also saw an idea that used it as  addressing for deep-fried artichokes and i think it would be lovely with stuffed courgette flowers (especially if they are stuffed with a tangy goats cheese).

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