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broad bean, yogurt & mint soup

this is not the sort of recipe i’d normally be sharing in the middle of autumn but because i made it with frozen broad beans it’s the sort of thing you can make all year round.

the reason for making it was a bag of frozen broad beans which had been double-podded (the inner white skin round each bean was also removed, leaving behind the bright green bean) and were originally intended for this ottolenghi meatballs with broad beans and lemon recipe. however, once the beans had been defrosted i realised that they were soft and mushy and really not a very nice texture. however they still tasted good, so soup was the obvious option.

this is a very simple recipe, but a clever one in that as it relies on a handful of rice being added to the soup to add a bit of bulk and create a silky texture, rather than potato which would have diluted the bean flavour. mint and yoghurt are obvious flavours to pair with broad beans; i added some lemon zest as well, something else that combines well with the rest of the soup ingredients.

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za’atar chickpeas and flatbread

regular readers of this blog will know how much i love fennel. having been obsessed with anna hansen’s method for roasting it with strips of lemon zest and adding crunchy capers, i’m now back to experimenting with it raw. thinly sliced as part of a salad always makes me happy and i loved it in my version of this roasted chickpea with za’atar salad.

as far as the salad goes, the thing i take from this recipe and will use again is the dressing for the chickpeas – olive oil, lemon juice, lemon zest, za’atar plus salt and pepper. in the recipe the chickpeas are tossed with this and then roasted. i don’t think the roasting has much of an impact other than to kind of “dry on” the dressing (despite me forgetting about them in the oven for over twice as long as the recipe stated, the texture didn’t change much) so next time i think i’ll just heat the through in a saucepan until the mix dries out, rather than use the oven.

i kept my vegetables raw and loved the combination of za’atar chickpeas tossed with shredded carrot and mint plus thinly sliced fennel and cabbage; i also added a little extra olive oil and lemon juice to oomph the flavour. it’s well worth making extras if you try this as leftovers kept well in the fridge for almost a week.

i’ve been eating this for lunch with flatbreads, the easiest of which are these ones made with a 1:1 mix of plain yoghurt and flour (about 75g of each is enough for two), plus bicarbonate of soda (to create a little bit of a rise) and spices/seasoning. seasoning the dough is quite important – salt is the most important thing but i’ve also liked it when i added spices. ground fennel and coriander. or, today, za’atar in the mix and sprinkled on top as the breads started to cook. the flatbreads are rolled out and cooked in a dry pan and really remind me of when i was little and went camping with brownies. i’m sure we didn’t use a flour/yoghurt mix but the flavour is similar and would be even more familiar if i made these over an open fire, i’m sure!


tahini slaw


i’ve never liked the traditional coleslaw that is often served at bbqs, buffets and delis – shredded cabbage and carrot with a creamy dressing, usually mayonnaise of some sort. despite liking the idea, it’s yet to get past being disappointing. i’ve tried making my own, thinking that last minute assembly and homemade mayo might be the key – it wasn’t. lightening the dressing with yoghurt or crème fraiche also failed to win me over so i stuck to slaws with non-creamy dressings.

however, this tahini and greek yoghurt combination really hit the spot. i think it’s the nuttiness of the tahini, which also creates a really nice texture to the dressing - its not grainy but its definitely not silky smooth either. the lemon and herbs also help keep things fresh.

i based this on a recipe that proposed using it to top a chicken “burger” but given i was feeling nervous about how it would be, i kept mine on the side; and then went back for seconds. delicious.

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raspberry, lemon and yoghurt cake


lemon and raspberry are flavours that work together to create a wonderfully fragrant summer deliciousness, which this cake exploits to the max. the lemon cake, with a hint of vanilla, is studded with soft red fruit and topped with a lemon icing, into which more raspberries have been stirred, so they streak it with their scarlet juices.

i ate this warm out of the oven, and again chilled by the fridge later in the day. either way it was perfect and so nice to share with new friends.

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moro top ten: grilled onion salad with yoghurt

“we are very fond of this salad – velvety, sweet and smoky, it is quite a combination”

another recipe from moro east, and a dish that i served alongside the roast chicken we had with fried spiced cauliflower. i wasn’t really sure what to expect from this – it’s described as a salad and i didn’t know whether it would be a substantial side dish or not. it turned out to be more of an accompanying sauce to everything else – a moorish take on bread sauce  perhaps, in the context of the meal i cooked.

so, how did i get on?

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