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courgette rosti with burrata and tomato salsa


this was so delicious! it’s a nigel slater recipe and i really loved the contrast of the courgette rosti with the rich creamy burrata, all made to taste fresh and delicious with a tomato, basil and lemon salsa. we had it for supper but i think it'd be a wonderful brunch dish.

burrata is most-easily described as pouches of mozzarella cheese, filled with cream – it’s a seasonal cheese and can be quiet difficult to track down as it quicjly loses its freshness, but if you can get it, it really is worth the effort. if not, a really nice buffalo mozzarella would also be delicious.

the salsa – basil and oil blitzed together and then mixed with diced tomatoes and lemon zest – was a variation on the recipe. my tomatoes were a bit bland so i dressed them with the basil and oil and used the lemon zest to add a bit more flavour. a little bit of black garlic would also have been nice, if they needed even more flavour.

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sweet potato rosti with asparagus and poached eggs

it’s asparagus season and, as usual, i’m making the most of it. we’ve had some white asparagus* but it’s the green stuff that i really love and this is what i’ve been focusing on. this is a good way to sneak it into a weekend breakfast – i used it in place of the called-for avocado.

the sweet potato rosti was not the easiest thing to make – it’s quite a delicate mix so turning it over can be tricky and i was also worried about it cooking through, so decided to go with large oval shapes, that i could flatten out  quite a bit. this also had the advantage of providing enough space for two poached eggs per person.

to avoid getting too stressed out i suggest waiting until the rosti is cooked through before you start your eggs – the rosti will keep warm over a low heat, slowly getting crispier round the edges, or you can put them in a warmed oven. i think it’s also worth adding some spice to the rosti mix – garam masala, cumin or coriander would all be good, plus extra fresh herbs.

* i do plan to make this white asparagus with lardo, parmesan and toasted hazelnuts again, before the season ends.

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ofm top twenty: chicken with potatoes


this ofm top twenty chicken with potatoes recipe from jill dupliex, which calls for poussin, rather than a bigger bird, was a convenient one-dish supper for one. however, given that, in the spirit of this recipe challenge, i had to actually follow the recipe as written it was less satisfying to make than my usual home-alone ventures - i was particularly itching to add some lemon to the mix of chicken, tomatoes, red onions and potatoes. i also would have swapped the potatoes (which i’m not particularly keen on) for something more appealing, such as fennel or squash. however, i restrained myself and did as i was told.

so how did i get on?

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summer chicken

this was a very simple supper, created to showcase some teeny tiny potatoes that a friend provided me with from her garden. this is my first home grown (albeit not by me!) garden produce of the year and given how feeble my courgette and tomato plants are looking, it might be the last!

the potatoes were mixed with slices of both fennel and red pepper plus some shallots, garlic and chilli before being tossed with olive oil and lemon juice. the squeezed lemon halves were then cut into small pieces (1-2 cm) and they were added to the roasting tray too (they caramelise as they cook and taste delicious – eat the whole lot), along with my seasoned chicken thighs, to be roasted for 30-40 mins at 200c.

the accompaniments were asparagus (just boiled) and courgette chunks which i fried with garlic, chilli and strips of sundried tomatoes until they softened. very easy and very delicious.


moro top ten: poor man’s potatoes


“this dish may be simple but there’s something about it that is inexplicably good”

from the original moro book, this is a good potato based side dish if you fancy a change from the more ubiquitous patatas bravas. onions, garlic and peppers are slowly cooked with bay leaves until they are soft and sweet and then the potato is added. variations include a dish with re pepper instead of green and with the addition of chopped egg (that’s one version i won’t be trying!).

so, how did i get on?

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