menu for hope 3 - an update


update: $58,256.70 raised. how fabulous! the raffle is now over, results on chez pim on 15 january.

wow, we’ve managed to raise almost $35,000 for the un world food programme.

if you haven’t bought any raffle tickets yet then please do. and if you have, why not have a look through the prizes again? some great new prizes have been added and maybe you’ll be tempted to part with a bit more cash. i know i am!

if you’re wondering which prizes are available, regardless of your location, kat from kungfoodie has done a wonderful summary of all the prizes that are available around the world, to be shipped internationally (unless noted the donor will cover all shipping costs but you will have to make sure the import restrictions in your country are ok and that you can cover any import duty or fees).

wherever you are you can win and receive one of these prizes so there really is no excuse for not supporting this fantastic cause. buy a ticket now!

thank you to everyone who has donated.

abby dysonComment