spring trout


as predicted, my desire to eat fish dishes continues. however, despite the cold, wet, grey weather, it is not the soft richness of bouillabaisse or the creamy indulgence of fish pie that i want.

several months too early, i am already craving fresh herbs, the tang of lemons and spring vegetables. i can’t satisfy my desire for asparagus or purple sprouting broccoli just yet, but rainbow trout, stuffed with thyme and lemon should go some way to keeping me happy. so too will the Mediterranean roasted vegetables i am planning to accompany it.

this is a very easy meal that doesn’t really require a recipe, so i shall talk you through it instead, hope this is okay.

you need one rainbow trout per person, gutted and descaled. i like them deheaded too! wash the fish and cut 3 or 4 slashes through the skin, into the flesh, on each side. season well with salt and pepper, both inside and out. place fresh herbs (i used thyme) into the cavity and insert thin slices of lemon (halved) into the slashes on the sides.

wrap the fish a large piece of foil, leaving plenty of space for the air to circulate. i usually add a glug white wine and some butter to flavour the juices but in the spirit of January healthiness i’m sticking to vegetable stock! this is then roasted at 180c for 30 minutes (check that the fish is cooked before serving!). the vegetables will be prepared and cooked in the same way that is detailed here.

that’s it, nice and simple to create, delicious to eat and healthy too.

so, in return, a question for you – are you craving spring-flavours too? or are you still happily buried in the wintery stews, roasts and soups that are more usual at this time of year? i’d love to know!