daring bakers


the daring bakers are a wonderful group of food bloggers who, each month, are set a baking challenge which they will all attempt, often with varying degrees of success! the daring bakers was founded by lis from la mia cucina and ivonne from cream puffs in venice, and now has over 200 members.

i don’t bake that much but have, over recent months, been drawn to the variety of challenges that the daring bakers gave taken on – cinnamon buns, strawberry mirror cake, bagels, red velvet cakes and chocolate crepe cake. i have decided that i should join in.

each month, on the same day, everyone posts what they have made in response to the challenge – very limited deviation from the recipe is allowed but the results are always hugely different from one another.

tomorrow is the day when the daring bakers post their october creations (use this list of daring bakers to see how everyone got on) and will be my first contribution – come back and see how i got on!

abby dysonComment