young sexy tranquility


well, that was my weekend… how was it for you?

it was actually tranquility (sic) that captured my heart. which is no real surprise given i live, work and study in the madness (and greatness) that is london and from which a quiet retreat is sometimes what is needed.

newtree’s milk chocolate with lavender and extract of lime blossoms is a fantastic chocolate bar, beating previous favourites with ease. as a dark chocolate fan that is something i never thought i’d be writing about a bar of milk chocolate.


tranquility is a beautifully creamy milk chocolate with a strong, but not too floral, lavender flavour. these meld together to create an almost fudgy richness which somehow doesn’t overwhelm. eating a piece of this was like sinking into the most relaxing comfortable chair from which i just knew that everything would be right with the world.

i demolished my first bar very rapidly and returned to waitrose to pick up another couple of bars (some were gifts!). i also picked up “young” and “sexy”, the other two newtree bars on offer.

these weren’t quite as good. young is flavoured with cherry and grape and its strong flavour reminded me of the marzipan artificiality of cherry drinks and sweets. sexy fared better with a gentle crystallized ginger flavour. the chocolate itself was good, both dark for these bars.

so, what next? obviously more lavender treats! and the newtree website, with its talk of an alliance between gastronomy and health with bar flavourings also being chosen for their vitamin and mineral content, has me wanting more.

or to be more specific, i would like to digest, serenity for eternity. fancy joining me?