pierre marcolini, brussels


a visit to brussels isn’t complete without a visit to a choclatier. this time i selected pierre marcolini whose store in la grand place du sablon is a work of art. as you enter the heavily air-conditioned environment the smell of chocolate starts to tempt and tease you as you peer into the beautiful glass cases of chocolates. macaroons and desserts.

the stairs to the first floor are lined with dove grey curtains which, coupled with the luxuriously deep carpet, makes you feel more as though you are entering an exclusive fashion boutique.

my last visit saw me buy a mixed box of his chocolates. this time i wanted something simpler, which would be a souvenir of my day away for david, who was back in london at work. these were exactly what i needed.


pierre marcolini

rue des minimes 1 - 1000 brussels (sablon)

tel: + 32 (0)2 514 12 06