euro blogging by post: swedish sweeties


oh dear, a parcel full of sweets has just arrived in the post, what’s a blogger to do?!?

johanna, the passionate cook, is responsible for the thirty-something parcels, all containing various varieties of childhood sweet memories, that have been criss-crossing the continent as part of euro blogging by post.

my parcel arrived courtesy of kristina from clivia’s cuisine. kristina lives in sodertalje, just outside stockholm.

my parcel was packed full of swedish sweets and chocolate. the different types of jelly sweets (brio, fruxo, zoo and tutti frutti) came in cute little boxes and small sachets. i happily munched my way through the different types, barely pausing as i moved onto the little black jelly sweets, salta kitten, which were liquorice flavoured.


the djungelvrai (in the pink bowl) were a different matter – i think these are also liquorice but they are covered in salt which was a real surprise. i’m not sure i’ll be brave enough to try them again but have enjoyed offering them to guests…


the chocolates of kristina’s childhood were kex and daim (branded dime in the uk) which somehow have not been opened yet. nor have i tried the locally produced dried apricots that kristina added to my parcel, but these will be used in the next batch of muesli that i make.


however, we have opened the jar of cloudberry jam which, as kristina suggested, is delicious with pancakes. david is planning to try her other suggestion of serving it with good vanilla ice-cream.

kristina – thank you for the insight into your childhood and the world of swedish sweeties. and thank you johanna for organising everything. visit johanna’s blog for a round-up of all the parcels

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