pancetta-wrapped salmon


salmon is the obvious fish of choice for many people. it’s an oily fish, so is rich in those precious omega 3 fatty acids that we all need, and is widely available at affordable choices. what more could anyone want?

choosing which salmon you buy, if you are concerned with making the ethical choice, is less than easy. organic salmon is an obvious answer but, for me, it’s actually wild salmon that is the better choice given how intensively salmon, organic or not, is farmed, and the negative side effects this process can have on the environment*. however, wild salmon is not without its critics so it’s far from clear-cut.

as a result, salmon is a fish i rarely buy, usually choosing mackerel** for my omega 3s, so when we do indulge it needs to be treated with care. these salmon fish fingers were definitely worth making but so too is this simpler salmon wrapped in pancetta dish which we had with minted, buttered peas.

* find out more about the issues associated with farming salmon here and here.

** do a search, there are lots of mackerel recipes on eat the right stuff.

pancetta –wrapped salmon (serves 4)

4 pieces salmon fillet, each about 125g in weight

8-12 pieces smoked pancetta

4 bay leaves

preheat the oven to 200c.

remove the skin from the salmon. top each fillet with a bay leaf and then wrap it in pancetta. place in a lightly oiled dish and bake for 20-25 minutes until the pancetta and salmon are cooked through.

for the peas, boil some peas (freshly podded ideally at this time of year) until they are just cooked. add a knob of butter, the juice of half a lemon and a handful of chopped fresh mint. season to taste.