bill’s produce store, brighton


bill’s in brighton is my kind of place. a large warehouse space dedicated to good quality, local and seasonal food. when i first visited bill’s last year i fell in love and since then it is the first place i head to when i visit brighton.

bill’s has everything an indulgent foodie with money in her purse could want. and if you’re not spending your pennies then you can still satisfy your senses by looking at and smelling the lovely produce.


when i visited last week there seemed to be a lot less space dedicated to fresh fruit and vegetables which you could buy but given the queues for the food – fabulous salads packed with flavour, tarts, exciting sandwiches, extravagant cakes covered with flowers plus fresh juices, smoothies and wine – i guess it makes sense for them to use more of their space to allow people to eat in.


the walls are still lined with products – jams, chutneys, cereals, biscuits, juices and cordials – and there are a couple of fridges with things such as cured fish and meat and dairy products in them.


bill’s regularly wins prizes and plaudits. if you live nearby, and even if you don’t, plan a trip and check it out. the fruit and vegetables will remind you that it’s worth making the effort to source good food and the food will inspire you. and as the sunshine arrives back all the inspiration i can get for funky and filling salads is more than welcome!


bill's produce store

the depot, 100 north road, brighton bn1 1ye

tel: 01273 692894