blogday 2007

today is blogday!

blogday is when bloggers around the world are encouraged to get to know other bloggers and recommend 5 new blogs to their readers. this way everyone has the opportunity to find new and interesting blogs that would otherwise have remained hidden to them .

my 5 recommendations for broadening your reading are:

annie rhiannon – annie’s blonk regularly has me laughing out loud. when i started reading it she was living in iceland but since then, she has moved to dublin via her home in wales. annie’s photography is as fabulous as her writing – i think this self-portrait is my favourite.

pandagon – i found pandagon when i was looking for feminist blogs and although the content is more broad i’ve grown to like this liberal blog. it’s perfect for moments when i want to spend more grown-up time in the blogging world.

back to the world of food blogs i think, for my final three:

matt bites – again, it is the combination of photography and humour that keeps me visiting this blog. i also like matt’s posts about latin food which i’m hoping to use one weekend to give me an insight into a world of food i don’t know much about.

lucy’s kitchen notebook – this is my newest discovery. lucy is american but lives in lyon, my favourite french city which i hope to continue visiting regularly. this chinese dumpling tutorial post is what lead me to her.

vegan visitor – this time it was dayna, the vegan visitor, who found me and i’m really glad she did! i now visit her blog regularly for its creative and imaginative approach to vegan food as well as the mouth-watering photos – dayna’s food stylist/photography background really shines through!

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