world egg day

today is world egg day and if you need a little inspiration, to help you work out how to use up any eggs that you have lurking in your kitchen, have a look at some of the gorgeous dishes below.

let's start with some sweet treats! first up is the lovely meeta from what's for lunch, honey? with this beautiful looking zabaglione with brandied plums. this delicate frothy italian dessert is classically made with egg yolks, sugar and marsala wine. and if you fancy making it, ensure you read through meeta's tips and tricks section to avoid any mishaps along the way.

thank you for this meeta, and for letting me use your wonderful egg picture to announce the event.

torta ciocolatta is our second choice when it comes to pudding.

this chocolate torte, which was created by cathy x from aficionado, is smothered with cocoa mascarpone then covered with a chocolate glaze and toasted almonds - wow!

it also came with some eggscellent yolks, my favourite being: how did the egg cross the road? at a cracking pace! ;)

this beautiful pavolva with mixed berry sauce was created by mansi at the fun and food cafe in california. meringue, and therefore pavlova, is one of my favourite puddings and would be a great way to use up the egg whites left after making meeta's zabaione!

finally on the pudding front, how about trying these shanghai red bean crepes? jude from apple pie, patis and pate suggests eating this classic shanghai dish with fresh fruit or roasted soybean powder - i think i'd be happy with either option!

on to some savoury dishes...

these feta and sundried tomato quiches are accompanied by zucchini quiche lorraine as the focus of some of the many bento box options which jokergirl of were rabbits serves up on a regular basis.

if you need packed lunch inspiration, hers is the blog to visit!

these beef gyoza were created in dhanggit's kitchen in aix en provence.

like me, dhanggit has just moved. unlike me she seems to have kept her kitchen working at full speed throughout the process!

sefa, another egg-eating blogger from germany, says food is love. this egg tofu with onion sauce looks just beautiful with the jewel colours from the chilli and onions.

speaking of eggs and onions, how about some spicy chilli sambal eggs? as always, tigerfish from teczcape is serving up something which looks both beautiful and delicious!

these piedmont marinated eggs fascainate me. (eating club) vancouver saw them being made on a tv show about picnic food and was similarly fascinated.

the marinade is wonderfully simple -  parsley, garlic, anchovies,olive oil and tomato paste. good enough for eggs and, in fact, good enough for many other things - i think it's time to start experimenting!

these tea eggs also fascinate me.

made by cheryl from precious moments, they are made by gently cracking the shells of hardboiled eggs and then simering them in hot water flavoured (and coloured) with tea and spices.

this creates the delicate marbeling pattern you can see on the egg in the spoon. so gorgeous, and apparently it's also a good way to make your house smell nice!

and that, apart from my scrambled eggs with smoked salt, is it. thank you everyone for sharing your egg dishes with me and happy world egg day to y'all!

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