slow-roasted belly pork

my recent supper a la skye was kicked off with the very delicious roasted jerusalem artichokes with goat’s cheese, roasted tomatoes and agresto which i loved. we ended with her recipe for a chocolate and hazelnut cake which, sadly, didn’t really do much for me. although having said that, according to my guests i’m a picky madam and it was delicious but there you go, it’s all a matter of taste and as i didn’t love it i won’t be blogging it.

in the middle, however, was her very lovely slow-roasted pork belly. this was very simple - the pork is rubbed with olive oil, salt and fennel seeds, roasted at 200c for 45 minutes to start off the crunchifying of the skin for crackling.

a selection of vegetables – carrots, celery and red onions – are then placed in the roasting tray, under the pork. bay leaves, rosemary, chilli and white wine added and a slow roast at 160 for 2-3 hours (all covered with foil) is concluded with a final half hour uncovered to finish the crackling. and if that doesn’t do it a quick blast under a hot grill will sort everything out.

very simple, very easy and a lovely accompaniment to roasted pumpkin (drizzled with some of the leftover caramel from my cake) and savoy cabbage. perfect winter food.

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