pea and rocket soup


at the moment i’m on a mission to use up all the food in our freezer. this includes the many bags of broad beans and peas (the frozen version of both are fantastic, try them if you haven’t already) which i’ve stashed in there, with thoughts of summer risottos in mind.

sadly the weather is not playing ball so i’ve been forced to consider more robust and warming meals. hurrah for robust and warming - this pea and rocket soup is truly fabulous and definitely worth trying!

the best bit is that i now have a new favourite food. okay, it’s true, i do change my mind about what qualifies as my favourite food several times a week, but it’s still quite exciting. or maybe the best bit is that this involves a vegetable which i rarely eat. and a cheap storecupboard vegetable at that.

or maybe, and actually i think this might be the clincher, the best bit is that it tastes delicious topped with crispy pancetta or, to ring the changes when you eat it two days in a row (guilty as charged m’lud!), a gruyere-topped crouton or two.

you should make this soup.

pea and rocket soup (serves 4-6)

2 tablespoons olive oil

1 onion, diced

2 garlic cloves, diced

2 potatoes, cut into cubes

1.5 litres vegetable stock (i use bouillon powder)

1.2kg frozen peas

100g rocket (you could use watercress or spinach)

crispy pancetta rashers (optional)

grilled baguette, topped with gruyere (optional)

heat the oil and add the onions and garlic. cook gently for 5 minutes, until the onion has softened. add the potatoes and stock. ring to the boil and simmer until the ptato is cooked (c10-15 minutes).

add the peas and bring back to the boil. simmer for 5 minutes. add the rocket and stir it in so that it wilts.

remove from heat and let it cool before blitzing until smooth in a blender. season to taste reheat and serve with a topping of your choice.