easy ice cream


this is the ice cream of my childhood and remains one of the few ice creams that i really enjoy. it is incredibly easy to make, not requiring a custard, churning in an ice cream maker or regular stirring as it freezes. it is also the ice cream that is responsible for a friend’s daughter stopping being a vegan – powerful stuff eh?

i decided to keep things simple and just added vanilla flavouring but you can adapt the recipe easily, adding chocolate chips or perhaps fruit puree and swirling it through the mix for a rippled effect.

it’s probably fifteen years since i’ve eaten this ice cream and it’s as good as i remember. it also passed the david taste test (he’s a big ice cream fan) and as a result will no doubt appear (briefly) in our freezer on a regular basis.

mum’s vanilla ice cream

397g tin of condensed milk

410g tin of evaporated milk, chilled

1 tin of double cream (use the evaporated milk tin to measure the cream), chilled

vanilla (i use vanillaworks vanilla paste)

whip the evaporated milk until it is thick. fold in the condensed milk. in a separate bowl, whip the double cream until it is thick. fold this into the evaporated/condensed milk mixture, adding the vanilla too. freeze.

take the ice cream out the fridge a little while before you want to eat it to make scooping easier.