salmon linguine


very few of my pasta dishes have rich creamy sauces. this is both for health reasons and because i prefer lighter dishes. however, this salmon dish is worth the extra calories, despite the fact that it’s also a bit smelly to make – turn your extractor fan up and open the windows if you don’t want a fish-scented home!

it’s a very simple dish and when making it the aim is to cook the salmon so you get slightly charred and crispy edges to the fish. this contrasts nicely with the soft pasta and creamy sauce. if you want to reduce the calorie content or don’t eat dairy products you could use tomato passata in place of the cream.

this dish is my contribution to presto pasta nights, as hosted by ruth at once upon a feast.

salmon linguine (serves 2)

linguine for two

1 teaspoon olive oil

150-200g salmon fillet, skin removed

c100ml cream

a handful of flat-leaf parsley, chopped

salt & pepper

cook your pasta until al dente.

meanwhile, heat a non-stick pan. add the olive oil and place the salmon in the pan (with what would have been the skin-side, down). cook over a high heat, flaking the salmon into pieces as it cooks. continue cooking, stirring gently, until the pieces of salmon begin to go brown and crispy at the edges.

add the cream (it’s up to you how much to add, depending on how much sauce you want) and parsley. season and serve atop the linguine.