new pizza ideas


ringing the changes with pizza is not always easy. many of us have our favourite toppings which we eat time and again, adoring the flavour punch that they pack and the comfort they provide.

however, it is worth making the effort to try something new. this weekend we had pizza using my usual pizza dough recipe (ongoing thanks to kevin from seriously good whose recipe it originally is) but, instead of a tomato sauce i used an artichoke, caper and almond pesto which i bought back from italy last year.

this was spread over the dough in a thin layer (it’s quite oily so i was wary of using too much) and then topped with roasted cherry tomatoes (30 mins in a 200c oven), slivers of sundried tomatoes, parma ham and mozzarella. sprinkled with basil before serving this was a great variation to try and one i thoroughly recommend if you too could go with a change.