eat the right stuff changes

no, you’re not going mad, i have changed things around a bit. squarespace, the company whose software i use to run my blog, have just launched a new version so i’ve updated everything. what do you think?

inevitably there will be glitches and things i’ve missed so please, if you spot anything that’s not working or which you don’t like, leave a comment so i know what needs sorting out. if you are having problems, please let me know what browser you use, as this might affect things. and in case you're looking for "search" - it's now in the menu at the top of the page.

doing this update has also got me thinking about other changes that might improve things. if you have any ideas please let me know, again by leaving a comment.

some ideas to get the ball rolling… various people have suggested adding categories for “quick” meals as well as enabling people to search my recipes based on dietary restrictions such as “gluten free” or “dairy free.” i also quite like the idea of having a recipe index so you can scan through a list of recipes titles, although i think this might be a lot of work.

what other changes would you like to see? please let me know what you think as i’d really like to prioritise changes which will make the blog easier for people to use.

abby dyson2 Comments