presto pasta nights: new ideas and old favourites

thanks to everyone who contributed a dish to this week's round of presto pasta nights! there are some lovely looking pasta and noodle dishes here, several of which will hopefully be making their way onto my table in the coming weeks. have a look through the dishes and tell me, what's your favourite?

first up is little inbox from eating pleasure who shares her simple and healthy recipe for organic vegetarian noodles with portobello and deep-fried beancurd.

this is a quick, easy and healthy supper which she promises is ready within 20 minutes - sounds perfect after a long day in the office. it's also great for using up any vegetables which you have tucked away but are unsure what to do with.

sticking with the healthy theme is radha whose hong kong urban bites are unusual and delicious looking. her recipe for spaghetti soup with loofa, huge beans and unripe papaya looks amazing. i need to know though, can anyone tell me what loofa tastes like?!?

mussels are a favourite for me and i ate some wonderful ones recently. this mussels with pasta puglia style from judith at think on it has all the flavours i love - basil, chilli, garlic - and sound like the perfect pugliese feast!

is there a spare seat at your table judith?

this fettucini alfredo minus some calories fulfilled a comfort-food craving for chaya from chaya's comfy cook blog

this is an italian classic and it's great to see how it can be adapted so it's a bit more healthy but still very delicious.

as regular readers of eat the right stuff will know, i love lasagne and mary from one perfect bite has really thrilled me with her pumpkin and goats cheese lasagna.

she thinks it's a love-it or hate-it dish but i'm not bothered, i know i'd love it given my passion for both pumpkin and goats cheese.

marye from baking delights deserves a medal for getting this dish together for ppn as she's had a hectic week. her autumn pasta with fontina and pecans proves that it's possible to whip up something imaginative and delicious, no matter how little food you have in the house.

pesto is a much-loved favourite for many people but it is the twists on the classic that really capture my imagination where it is concerned. joanne from eats well with others made a delicious roasted red pepper pesto linguine to impress someone and unsuprisingly it was a huge hit. 

ruth, the fabulous founder of presto pasta nights who also blogs at once upon a feast, really made my mouth water. brie & roasted garlic sacchettini with creamed salmon sauce - just how delicious is that?!? 

and finally, here's my contribution to ppn - sausage, mushroom and sun-blush tomato mafaldine.

this was another fridge-bottom pasta dish that was borne out of an (almost) empty kitchen, yet was truly delicious.

if i've missed anyone, or there are any last-minute dishes please let me know. otherwise, start thinking about what you've got lined up for next week's host of presto pasta nights! ruth, thanks for letting me host.