apple and quince crumble

we’ve been eating a lot of apples recently, thanks to the generosity of one of david’s colleagues who has several apple trees and more fruit than he knows what to do with. a lot have gone into our daily smoothies, some will go into a batch of apple and lemon curd and some have been made into puddings and cakes.

this crumble was a mix of apples, quince and prunes. quince takes much longer to cook than apples so, having peeled and sliced it (keep the slices in water to which you’ve added a squeeze of lemon juice so they don’t brown) i cooked it over a low heat with some water and a spoon of sugar. when the quince was tender i turned up the heat to get rid of the extra liquid, adding the apples for the last few minutes.

the prunes were added thanks to inspiration from pim. i only had a handful and dread to think how long they had been lurking in the cupboard. so, to bring them back to life i sliced them and simmered them over a low heat with a glug of px.

the crumble topping was courtesy of delia and we ate it with vanilla ice-cream (david) and cream (me).