terroirs, wc2

terroirs is my new favourite wine bar. just off the strand and recently opened, it serves wonderful food and has a wine list which is apparently adventurous and imaginative, relying, as it does, on small artisan growers who produce their wine sustainably, organically or biodynamically. most of the list is french but italy is also well represented (i am a growing fan of italian wines) with spain and britain also getting a look-in. i don’t know enough about wine to comment in any depth but if you are interested in this reviews are emerging online which speak lyrically about the wines.

the food deserves similar praise. the man in the kitchen is ed wilson who used to cook for the galvin brothers. his menu mostly comprises small plates, which means you can enjoy a small snack with your glass of wine, or something more substantial if you approach the menu as you would tapas.

i was there with two friends for a birthday lunch so we opted for the latter approach, choosing 9 small plates between us. everything was excellent – not a duff dish amongst them my favourites were the buttery potted shrimp on toast, a charcuterie platter which included an excellent pistachio-studded terrine ad a melt-in-the-mouth duck rillette, a beetroot salad, fat juicy clams in sherry and wild mushrooms with polenta.

despite feeling full we decided that the crepes with salt butter caramel sauce sounded too good to miss so we ordered three rounds to finish us off. which they did but wow, wow, wow, they were truly fabulous!

it wasn’t a cheap lunch, coming in at just over £50 a head but we did work the menu hard (our alcohol consumption was much more restrained!) so don’t be put off by this. i’ve already got a return visit scheduled in so david can try it and have recommended terroirs to a number of friends, including all of you who read this blog. pop in for a drink or book a table (and you will need to book, as i found out when i called in on my way home last night) and see what you think.


5 william iv street, london wc2n

t- 020 7036 0660


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