daring bakers: the relaunch

daring bakers has been revamped and relaunched. this internet group encourages bloggers and non-bloggers alike to cook a particular recipe each month. the theme is baking and it can be sweet or savoury, challenges vary from the highly complex – french bread was particularly crazy – to something a little simpler such as a cake.

i love the discipline of having to try out something each month and i love the fact that i learn new things usually from recipes which i’d never try otherwise. the group now has almost 2000 members and lis and ivonne, its founders, have launched a new website where the community can get together. they have also launched a daring cooks group which takes a similar but non-baking approach. both groups share a home at the daring kitchen.

if you’re interested in finding more have a look at the website and even if you don’t want to join up it’s a great way to find wonderful new food blogs. come back tomorrow to see what this month’s daring bakers challenge will be...

abby dysonComment