chinese spaghetti

i’ve been craving comfort food a lot recently. i think it’s the very changeable weather that we’re having combined with my optimistic approach which means i see sunshine, dress lightly and then shiver my way through the day.

pasta is often my default choice for days like this, not least given how quickly it can be pulled together. however, in the spirit of trying new things as much as possible, and because the write-up made it sound absolutely delicious, i recently made sunday nite dinner’s zha ziang mian. aka chinese spaghetti.

this was fantastically quick to make and absolutely delicious. the side salad of carrot and bean sprouts provided a great contrast to the rich meaty “ragu” and added a bit of vegetable content to the meal. i followed the recipe exactly so will leave you to get it yourself from chuck’s blog.

i'm sharing this dish with marye of baking delights who is hosting this week's presto pasta nights.