first salad

these salad leaves were grown in our garden and are the first thing we have been able to harvest! they are a mix of golden streaked and red mustard leaves, komatsuna, mizuna and skyrocket. they tasted fabulous!

our garden is only small and as this is the first time david and i have grown vegetables (grown anything!), we decided to keep it simple. we are growing tomatoes (see the picture below, they are in front of the rose on the left, you can see the stakes), salad leaves in the white boxes to the right, peas in the green tub and green beans in front of the rose at the back of the garden. there is also a courgette plant behind the salad leaves and i have a butternut squash seedling which has just germinated - i have no idea where this will go!

having a garden is very wonderful and one of the best things about this lovely house which we moved to last september.