yalla yalla, w1

hurry up! that’s what yalla yalla means in arabic and it is the perfect name for this new lebanese café – you really do need to hurry up and give it a try. it’s my new favourite place to eat.

cheap and cheerful with friendly service and delicious food, this little café behind piccadilly circus, with its menu of beirut street food, is a real find.

each time i’ve eaten here i’ve ordered a mix of hot and cold small dishes to share. my favourite dish is the chicken livers with pomegranate molasses, garnished with fresh pomegranate, which really shows how delicious liver can be if cooked with a bit of imagination. the falafel is light and flavoursome, the tabbouleh has a wonderful lemon kick and the hummus topped with lamb was perfect with the soft pitta breads and pickles that they serve. the various fresh lemonades are really worth trying too, especially if they have the cherry version as a special.

the café is small and getting popular so you might want to book. otherwise, if it’s busy, order a drink and hope that people eat quickly/ it doesn’t rain while you queue outside!

yalla yalla

1 green’s court, london, w1f 0ha

t – 020 7287 7663


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