host, liverpool

last time i was in liverpool we ate at the london carriage works on hope street. this time we went for the cheap and cheerful host which is located almost directly opposite tlcw, also on hope street.

host is a casual restaurant which owes its styling to wagamama (a noodle chain well past its sell-by date in my opinion) with its low communal tables. however, host brightens things up with turquoise and lime table tops and brightly coloured charles eames coat racks scattered around the walls. the service was quick and friendly, with just the right amount of suggestions and advice as we worked out what to eat. the menu draws on a wide range of asian cuisines – thai, vietnamese, and korean all being easily identifiable – and the food was fabulous.

 i started with squid coated in the lightest, freshest tempura batter and dusted with sichuan pepper and sea salt. this was served with a wonderful chilli mayo although i also stole dips from the sweet chilli and garlic sauce which accompanied david’s beef spring rolls which were also impeccably fresh and had a slightly curried flavour.

 i followed this with a pork stir fry with chilli noodles and chinese cabbage. the pork was provided in generous quantities and was meltingly tender (it might have been belly pork given the layers of meat and fat). david’s special (which included a drink for £8) of chicken with black beans with pak choy and rice was equally good – tender meat and clean flavours.

 ridiculously, given the generous portions, we decided to have pudding – a gingernut cheesecake with passion fruit jelly for david and the special chocolate and peanut butter mousse with a sugared wonton crisp. both were delicious and again served in large portions.

if you’re in the area, give it a try, i really recommend it.


31 hope street, liverpool l1 9hx

t: 0151 708 5831