fancy a free fruit & veg box?

if, during august, you place an order worth £25 with food4kent or food4london, you will receive a free fruit & veg box worth £10 if you enter the code “etrs” when placing your order.

food4 is, as regular readers know, jonathan parker’s new venture which aims to provide people living in kent or london (he hopes to expand in due course) with good value, high quality, locally sourced food.

over recent months i have been meeting the farmers, fisherman and other folk who provide food4 with their produce (read here about the tomatoes brian watts grows), as well as eating their food.

the quality of food is excellent and the people i have met are dedicated and passionate so i am keen to promote them as part of my ongoing personal commitment to supporting small businesses and eating good quality local food.

if you are based in kent or london i hope you will use this offer to try food4. let me know how you get on.

abby dysonComment