not about food

update: julia won the competition and went to davos where she spoke to world leaders and raised fgm as an issue they should be helping address. find out more here, and see her talking to bill clinton, among others

this blog post is to ask you to vote to send my friend julia to davos.

youtube is running a competition to allow one campaigner the opportunity to attend the world economic forum in switzerland. julia is one of 5 finalists – see here for videos made by each of them, explaining how they would use this opportunity.

julia explains that she wants to see fgm (female genital mutilation) discussed at a global level by people such as bill gates, gordon brown, george soros and angelina jolie. you can also find out more on her blog.

over 3 million girls (as young as 6) and women are cut each year and i am in complete support of the work done by people and organisations who are trying to stop this violation of human rights. if you would like to vote for julia, or one of the other finalists, please do so by the 15th.

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