happy new year!

a new year and, inevitably, i have made some foodie resolutions. i’m following tradition and keeping my usual one of cooking a wider range of dishes and cuisines – i say this every year and succeed in varying degrees. i’m hoping to kickstart things with a latin-themed party at the end of the month (ideas very welcome!) and a malaysian cookery course in february.

a new resolution is to learn more about making bread. i love working with doughs and yeast so, thanks to my friend dom who has lent me her river cottage handbook on bread-making, i am going to try and add to my repertoire.

the usual “using my cookery books more” and focussing on “healthy, local and seasonal eating” thoughts are part of the mix too, along with a second year of growing some of our own vegetables in our small urban garden.

i hope you’ll visit often and follow how i get on as i share things via this blog. and do let me know what you think – it’s always nice to have a conversation rather just talk to one’s self!

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