grey goose le fizz

as i mentioned a few weeks ago, david and i have been drinking a lot of cocktails recently, which means i’ve been developing an interest in spirits which previously held no appeal. vodka is one such drink – i’ve never really drunk it and have a very limited knowledge of the different brands.

i was aware of grey goose though – a friend would always choose it when we were out drinking, and given his love of luxury i knew it was a premium brand. the fact that it’s made in cognac, france was news to me though, as was the fact that taste is the most important characteristic of this brand. grey goose claims to be “the best-tasting vodka in the world” and while i don’t know if this is true it is certainly a lot smoother than the other brands of vodka that we have acquired over the years.

i found out more about grey goose at their promotional “toast to taste” which was recently hosted in london. the event appealed to me due to the presence of punchdrunk, an innovative theatre company whose work i admire.

punchdrunk entertained us with a number of intimate pieces, including a story about the search for the world’s greatest treasure, which led the seeker to the simple pleasure of pure water. another was set in a field of wheat, with an elegant dancer sharing tales about the importance of patience. all important parts of the grey goose story…

thankfully patience was not required when it came to sampling their vodka. afternoon tea and a special cocktail, grey goose le fizz, was served. this is definitely worth recreating if you need a moment of indulgence. it is similar to a champagne cocktail but lighter.

for each, shake over ice, 35ml grey goose vodka, 15ml elderflower cordial/liqueur and 15ml freshly squeezed lime juice. strain into a flute and top up with soda.