beef, mango and noodle salad

i’m sorry about the quiet blog – life seems to be getting in the way of me cooking anything particularly exciting or new. and when i do try something new i seem to be excelling at choosing incredibly unphotogenic dishes which i can’t bear to photograph.

this noodle salad should have looked good but somehow it doesn’t quite manage it – i think i was hungry and focussed on getting to the table rather than getting a  good picture. never mind, it tasted wonderful. it’s based on a hugh fearnley-whittingstall recipe which he published in celebration of fairtrade week last month. his recipe was for a mango avocado and steak salad.the steak is marinated with a mix of oyster and soy sauces, sherry, garlic and ginger. the salad is then dressed with a zingy mix of thai fish sauce, soy, lime, garlic and chilli.

i added some egg noodles to bulk it out and the end result was pretty good and i’ll make this again. one change is needed though, next time i think i’ll wilt the spinach into the noodles. or shred it so it is easier to eat!