potatoes and i have never been particularly close friends. friends go into raptures at the thought of mash… baked potatoes…  skinny frites… chunky chips... creamy dauphoinoise… crispy hasselbacks… potato salad… and  so the list goes on.

for me, potatoes are very rarely my carb of choice and while i’ll pick up a bag of jersey royals when they are in season or a larger floury potato for some sort for a fishcake, it is unusual for them to be the star of the show if i’m in the cooking seat.

however, this week that had to change – my friend kirsty was staying and requested “meat, potatoes and cheese” for her supper. tartiflette was deemed to be the answer to my problem, according to friends who have more time for the humble spud than i.

i used lucy’s recipe, having bought my reblochon at john lewis food hall on oxford street (they have a cheese room – i do love it) and stocked up on charcuterie, cornichons, silver-skin pickled onions and green salad to accompany it. kirsty provided white wine and i forget the crusty white bread that was also deemed necessary.

no matter, it was declared a hit and the dish was scraped clean. it’s too rich a dish for me and a bit too potato-y but i’m really pleased to have tried it and, if you have someone making “meat, potatoes and cheese” demands this is a quick and easy way to satisfy them. delicious too apparently – if you like that sort of thing.