courgette and parma ham tagliatelle

i’m revisiting lots of old favourites at the moment – when i update the column on the right each month i am reminded of what i have cooked in previous years and often find things i love but have completely forgotten about!

the angela hartnett pea and parma pasta recipe is not something i’ve forgotten but it probably is a year since i made it – it’s such a summery dish you really do need warm weather and a cold glass of white wine to appreciate it at its best.

this was a variation, using courgettes in place of peas (i fried the courgette in a little butter, adding the garlic when it was almost done; you can then follow the original recipe). i’ve also made a version with asparagus. all are worth trying if you want something quick, light and delicious to celebrate a summer’s day.

i'm sharing this dish with helen from fuss free flavours who is hosting this week's presto pasta nights.