coddled eggs with wild mushrooms and rosti

foxgate put me in a grumpy mood. thankfully i had some wild mushrooms, courtesy of foodari, and a plan to try another way of cooking eggs. coddling.

friends rave about this and, having tried my hand at fried eggs i wanted to try something a bit more complex. defining what a coddled egg is seems to contentious – the fact that the eggs are lightly cooked is agreed upon, beyond that enters the variety.

for me it involved greasing a ramekin (or coddler if you have one) with butter, adding eggs (2 each as one looked lonely) plus a tablespoon or so of cream. oh, and i put a slice of taleggio at the bottom of the ramekin for a bit of extra richness. these were then placed in a bain marie and put in the oven at 180c for 15-18 minutes.

while the eggs were cooking i had some rosti on the stove – prepare your mix before you do the eggs as the rosti will take at least as long as the eggs. this was a mix of grated potatoes, a grated shallot and seasoning. i cooked this over a gentle heat in a little melted butter, needing c10-15 minutes on each side – you flip it over when the potatoes on top start to become translucent and glossy (this would be the perfect time to put your eggs into a pre-heated oven).

the spinach was wilted into some wild mushrooms that were also cooked in butter. seasoning plus grated nutmeg finished them off to perfection.

it’s a quite a labour-intensive breakfast but good for getting into the weekend mood. the eggs were a bit rich for me and i was really pleased to have the rosti and vegetables to balance them out. it was also great to remember how easy rosti is and that i should make it more often.