nduja is a soft spicy spreadable sausage from calabria, made from pork (usually various bits of the pig’s head apparently) plus roasted hot red peppers. it’s incredibly spicy and reminds me of harissa paste – i think you could use them interchangeably, in dishes where a meaty version of harissa would be good.

so, having tried it spread on bread i want some more sophisticated ways to enjoy its porky piquancy. dollops on pizza is an obvious starting point, as is a spoonful added to a tomatoey pasta sauce.

i’m tempted to add a layer to my next round of cheese on toast, and to try it with scrambled eggs. i also think it would also be wonderful in a sandwich – lightly toasted ciabatta rubbed with garlic and filled with buffalo mozzarella, oak-roasted tomatoes, basil oil (i have some in the fridge) and rocket perhaps.

what else would you suggest?

Meatabby dyson4 Comments