nduja and rocket pizza

i tried using the nduja i bought last week as a pizza topping, along with a cheese mix of gorgonzola and mozzarella plus a rocket garnish. sadly, i wasn’t thrilled by the end result.

the nduja slightly crisped up to create little spicy nuggets of meaty flavour but that wasn’t enough to make it a fabulous pizza – the second version i made used fennel salami in place of the nduja and that was far superior.

i think it’s down to texture. the nduja has none so you enjoy the flavour of your pizza slice but all you notice is crispy chewy crust and soft toppings (with a fresh rocket crunch) whereas sliced meats such as salami or chorizo add something extra, which really does make a difference.

so, i still need to find a way to make my nduja shine. back to the drawing board, as i have plenty left.