caramelised onion and nduja tart

i started writing this blog post by saying that this tart is a cheat’s version of a delicious-sounding one in the sunday suppers at lucques book which i continue to love and adore. however, upon a second reading of the recipe it really isn’t anything more than something that was inspired by it but i still think it is worth making the link - the use of creme fraiche and thyme will give it away, if you know the book at all.

puff pastry brushed with beaten egg and then a thin layer of crème fraiche mixed with ricotta, grated gruyere, lemon zest and thyme. topped with caramelised onions  and nuggets of nduja and baked at 200c for just under half an hour, until the pastry was cooked through. incredibly simple and very delicious for a surprisingly sunny september lunch.