pink fir apple potato and mackerel salad

i’m not a big fan of potatoes but have recently discovered pink fir apple potatoes and fallen in love. the very wonderful curlew restaurant uses them and each time i’ve visited i’ve been excited to have them. at my recent visit to edinburgh’s gardener’s cottage they were served alongside venison and my favourite pumpkin – crown prince. and now, i have found that natoora are currently stock them (and so do ocado due to their tie up with natoora) so i’ve been experimenting at home and am looking forward to continuing to do so.

this was the first dish i made – the boiled potatoes were dressed, while still warm, with an olive oil, lemon and mustard vinaigrette before being mixed with peppered smoked mackerel and rocket. a dressing of crème fraiche, lemon zest and grainy mustard was the final touch.