summer chicken

this was a very simple supper, created to showcase some teeny tiny potatoes that a friend provided me with from her garden. this is my first home grown (albeit not by me!) garden produce of the year and given how feeble my courgette and tomato plants are looking, it might be the last!

the potatoes were mixed with slices of both fennel and red pepper plus some shallots, garlic and chilli before being tossed with olive oil and lemon juice. the squeezed lemon halves were then cut into small pieces (1-2 cm) and they were added to the roasting tray too (they caramelise as they cook and taste delicious – eat the whole lot), along with my seasoned chicken thighs, to be roasted for 30-40 mins at 200c.

the accompaniments were asparagus (just boiled) and courgette chunks which i fried with garlic, chilli and strips of sundried tomatoes until they softened. very easy and very delicious.